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WFH DURING PANDEMIC AND BEYOND- How to Work from Home Without Affecting Your Productivity and Family Life?

A Comprehensive Guide to Increase Per Hour Productivity and Family.

How do you max out on dopamine and achieve these absolutely stunning results? An integral part of WFH is expecting something unexpected that will cause your schedule to collide several times in a day or a week. Merely accepting that emergencies can occur from time to time will undoubtedly help you to feel less stress, and you will be ready to handle it strategically. Next, you are going to have a buffer time in your schedule. Let me explain a little about having buffer times. A buffer is a valuable principle in our information-overloaded world. Because interruptions appear repeatedly and changes occur rapidly, we cannot have a foolproof schedule all the time. That’s why it is best if you have a buffer time. This buffer time will perform just like a buffer zone which protects and safeguards our boundaries. In an average eight-hour workday you want to have about an hour and a half of unscheduled time, named the Buffer Zone, on your calendar. This will give you some flexibility when these inevitable interruptions occur. 


Time is divided into four crucial areas, of working from home i.e.

  1. Establishing Your Home Base, 

  2. Crafting Your Schedule, 

  3. How to communicate with your co-workers? and

  4. Considerations for Working Parents and Caregivers.

Each and Part is sub-divided into chapters to make the reading enjoyable and easy to understand every single step.

WFH During Pandemic and Beyond offers you an opportunity to become more productive by increasing your Per Hour Value and enjoy an ultimate Freedom and Flexibility while staying closer to your love ones.

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WFH During Pandemic and Beyond
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