A Beautiful Meeting with Paula R C Readman

An Interesting Meeting with Barry Lillie

I am sorry for a delay, Paula, but I was lost on the way. 

It’s understandable as the clubhouse site is off the beaten track. As you know we like to keep the Clubhouse location secret. Oh yes, what drink would you like, Azra?

Can I have a cup of black coffee please, with less than a pinch of sugar? That will help me to stay awake after a long drive and all that stress of taking a wrong turn, only if it’s no a big hassle, please. Keep reading...

Tell me two things that people may not know about you. 

This is remarkably interesting but also a little tricky question—okay… let me think—people don’t know many things about me like my full name; they also don’t know about my family life which is full of struggle and fighting against social injustice, gender discrimination and equal rights for girls without any prejudice. Keep reading...

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